Sea of Thieves

I'm done with playing Sea of Thieves. My enthusiasm of wanting to play the game and support it has come to an end. Over the last few months of playing the game, I've grown to dislike the game more and more and ultimately, it makes me sad. I've supported Rare and the game from the start, from signing up and playing the technical alpha tests before release and even taking part in the beta sessions. From launch, I've put in way over 200 hours into the game. I have grinded to pirate legend and I've unlocked pretty much most of the cosmetics in the game. I really enjoyed Sea of Thieves because of the freedom it gave me to do what ever I wanted, from sinking other people's ships to collecting a mass amount of loot to sell for lots of money. I was living my pirate fantasy playing this game and it really did help me to escape the daily struggles of real life.  However like I mentioned above, the over the last few months the love is starting to turn to hate. And believe me, I don't want to hate Sea of Thieves but there's players in the community that have made me start to feel this way.

Now I will say that most people in the Sea of Thieves community are great and I've enjoyed sailing with the ones I was fortunate to crew up with. However, there's a some that think it's okay to be toxic to other players. I shouldn't have to go onto a game and be name called in game chat, have people telling me to die of cancer and giving me other death threats. This has happened 4 times in a row (on separate play sessions) when I last played on Sea of Thieves. I engage in combat and then have abuse thrown at me, whether I win that battle or not. I'm just sick of the players on Sea of Thieves. What has happened to friendly competition and mutual respect?

I want to have that passion for Sea of Thieves like I did in the alpha and on release but I can't find that passion anymore. I am burnt out and annoyed with how the game is becoming a toxic mess. Sea of Thieves isn't fun for me anymore. It just feels like a chore to play it.

When a game finally starts feeling like a chore, it's time to move on.

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